Basic Wedding Ceremony

Thursday, 26 December 2013 00:00

Below is an outline for the procedures of a wedding ceremony.


Personalised Section (Optional)

Information about the relationship that is relevant. It can be light and breezy, romantic or serious. This is created from the answers provided from the Couple's Background questionnaire.

A Reading (Optional)

Your choice of verse or prose, usually non-religious in content.

I will email through reading suggestions after our initial meeting.

Choosing a relative or friend to read at your wedding is a lovely way to include them in your special day. However, please keep in mind not everyone feels confident speaking in front of a group. You may wish to include them in the selection process and I am more than happy to read on their behalf, ensuring the reading's sentiments are professionally delivered.

Giving Away (Optional)

Traditionally the father 'gives the bride away'. This can be structured to be more about family support for both the Bride and Groom – and there are many modern alternatives which can be discussed at the initial meeting.

The Monitum (Essential)

A statement from me required to be made according to the Marriage Act.

The Asking (Optional)

A formal question in relation to your intentions – the "I Do" part of the ceremony! I will provide suggestions and alternatives to the standard "I do".

Vows (Essential)

Legal requirement with specific wording.

These can be followed by more personalised promises. The personal vows cannot contradict the legal requirements.

Exchange of Rings (Optional)

There are many options to consider for this section of the ceremony.

A Reading (Optional)

Your choice of verse or prose.


Possibly a "Blessing", followed by support from all gathered. The announcement of the embrace can be a simple "Congratulations", "You may kiss the bride", or similar declaration.

Signing of Register & Certificate (requires two adult witnesses)

The two witnesses are invited to come forward. If the presentation includes a toast, this is where guests are reminded to charge their glasses.

Presentation of the Married Couple

A list of suggestions is provided for your first presentation as a married couple.

Departure and / or congratulations from guests

Coordination of the finale of the ceremony – often dependant on the venue and style of ceremony.


Points to consider for your personalised ceremony:

  • You can include other people in your ceremony other than the celebrant and bridal party.
  • The bride can choose to be given away by her father or mother or children or a close friend or not at all. Often it is just nice to have someone's arm to hold as you walk up the aisle. A giving away is optional.
  • Most ceremonies last for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • There are certain words/phrases that must be included in the ceremony for it to conform with the Marriage Act 1961.
  • You can include spiritual and religious wording in your ceremony.
  • You can incorporate rituals (eg Sand or Candle-lighting Ceremonies) within your celebration. This is often a lovely way to remember those who cannot be there or are no longer with us and can include valued family or friends.
  • Music is often played as the bride enters, at the signing and at the end of the ceremony.
  • You require two adult witnesses for the ceremony.
  • It is no longer customary for the bride to be late!

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